Item #: AIR0101-TEE

AirStream Tee


For the High Performance Lifestyle

Truly wearable technology must be comfortable. Every element is maxed out in the creation of our technical apparel. The AirStream Tee features CoolCue™ fabric and high*tech power mesh panels that allow for cooling and breathability where you need it most. This allows AIR to STREAM through the tee and cools your skin while you move. The ideal tee for high-intensity and high temperature work and play. STAND TALL

Our Smart Compression apparel with PostureCue™ Technology signals your core muscles to switch on and align your shoulders, spine, and trunk. Optimal alignment allows you to feel connected so your body can easily repeat strong and fluid movements. Renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews of the Andrews Institute conducted a study that showed the IntelliSkin shirt improved the performance of baseball pitchers while helping to protect them from injury. As a result, most MLB teams now buy IntelliSkin for their players.

"The Air Stream Tee and Tank are without a doubt the best performance shirts I have ever worn. All of my clients will be wearing them.” Peter Park Elite Athlete and Celebrity Trainer

  • AirStream Tee

Smart Compression is technical fabric that conforms to your anatomy like an Intelligent Second Skin. Compression means that it should fit closely but comfortably to the body to activate the PostureCue™. Most people can wear two sizes of our shirts. It is a matter of personal comfort and how much PostureCue™ you want. The more form fitting the more PostureCue™. If you like a little less, than opt for the larger size. WE GUARANTEE YOUR BEST FIT. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL RETURNS. WE STAND TALL WHEN YOU DO.

+Moderate PostureCue™
+CoolCue™ fabric made of ultra-smooth, cooling nylon/spandex for truly comfortable compression and superb ventilation
+Sports mesh posture panels provide improved breathability and posture support
+Underarm and back panels in soft nylon power mesh for extra comfort and breathability
+Silicone elastic bottom shirt hem engineered for anti-migration
+Posture-specific core compression for instant alignment and slimming fit
+Ergonomic seams and stretch panels let you move naturally
+4-way stretch for added comfort
+Pool safe
+UV 50+ protection
+Moisture wicking
+Machine wash cold, hang dry


+ HumanTechnology™: IntelliSkin is a Human Technology company designing apparel clinically proven to improve posture and alignment. Apparel with our patented PostureCue™ Technology works with your body to create the awareness that enables you to see and feel your posture improve immediately.
+ Smart Compression: Technical fabric that conforms to your posture and core muscles like an Intelligent Second Skin. The principles of anatomy combined with high-quality compression created the invention of Smart Compression with PostureCue™ Technology. PostureCue™ mimics the effects of kinesiology taping and instantly switches on the muscles that support your posture and align the spine.
+ PostureCue™ Technology: Cues your body’s natural ability to support itself in the most efficient manner by improving posture and alignment. The PostureCue™ extends from the back of your IntelliSkin. We call it the Fletch. The Fletch on the back of our products is the visual representation of our technology.
+CoreCue™ Technology: Allows your body to move with greater efficiency. The ReActivator shorts deliver the first step in retraining & correcting common muscle imbalances. Your core muscles are cued to fire, engage, support, and protect your joints. Better movement creates better muscle balance which leads to better alignment and performance.